Welcome to my CyberSec Journey!

While studying for certifications and generally attempting to learn more in the limited free time I have (as the internet will state adulating is not fun) with new Cyber Security (Cyebrsec) or Information Security (infosec). I figured I’m already taking notes, why not see if someone else might learn something, or have a better way to look back for something with a blog. I guess I should start That I am not a “rockstar” I just do this for my career and is something I enjoy learning more about. I know I have my weak spots (coding/programing is a major bad area) But someone else might have the same issues and learn something or if I am being hard on myself I can look back and go “wow I have learned a lot…remember when I struggled with Regex”. Also doing a blog can get me some potential feed back to help learn from the community versus a short Twitter post.

But mainly it gives me a place to record my thoughts and get feedback on what I find interesting or can even be honest about and not understand

What will be shared?

  • Reviews/what I learned from webinars
  • Things I learn or find interesting from my studies
  • Maybe some PowerShell/Bash and eventually Python to get feed back when I am stuck or examples of things I’ve learned
  • My experience setting up my Home Lab
  • anything that gives me a headache and I solve
  • Or other random things

Now that the basic intro out of the way, why Morton (or M0rt0n I should say). The name started as a joke at old job when I would become rather displeased with something, or something not making sense/be up to the standards I set for myself. For whatever reason I found it funny and it turned into Morton hears a who (which is why its like that on twitter) and just seemed like a better nick name for me, now since I wanted to keep this more cybersec with a splash of more infosec I mixed it up a little into m0rt0n hears the cyber.

These post do not reflect my employer or anything, but just my personal ramblings of things I find interesting, from the simple “that was easy” to the concepts I just flat out struggle with there will be a little bit of everything. Feel free to take from it what you will , But just know that this is me sharing my journey of self taught learning and hopefully growth. Just remember, when in doubt it was DNS and/or the firewall.

“The Only Difference Between Screwing Around and Science Is Writing It Down”

-Adam Savage (on camera, though originally said by Alex Jason)